DataSoft Announces SideBridge Wireless Connection Module for the Icom Radio

Baltimore, Maryland – November 1, 2016 – Today from MILCOM 2016, DataSoft introduces the SideBridge-Icom, a compact module that attaches directly to the side connector of the Icom portable land mobile radio and provides Bluetooth wireless connectivity to smartphones and tablets. Users can eliminate the cumbersome cable and use the radio network for communicating through phone and tablet applications. The SideBridge-Icom features a common headset connector so users can easily connect their push-to-talk headset for radio voice communication while enjoying the benefits of wireless connectivity to their device.

SideBridge-Icom operates over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and can provide secure wireless communication through AES-128 bit encryption. DataSoft developed an Android app for demonstrating text messaging, GPS coordinate transmission and location mapping.

SideBridge-Icom is the newest module in the SideBridge product line. DataSoft builds SideBridge modules for a wide range of radios to provide wireless connectivity over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The modules provide a range of security that is compatible with the radio – up to dual-tunnel encrypted VPN’s for classified radio networks. SideBridge modules include processing and memory capabilities that can support an LCD display, data conversion, map storage and many other functions. For more information about SideBridge, please see or contact

For more information, please see, or contact

About Datasoft:

DataSoft specializes in low-power, small form-factor wireless solutions involving SDRs, IoT devices, Situation Awareness apps, MANET management software, and IP-based networking. Our technology portfolio includes programmable RF designs, tactical radio accessories, software libraries, Information Security expertise, and rapid prototyping capability. We design, manufacture, integrate, and support real-time embedded solutions for defense, commercial, and industrial communications. For additional information, visit


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