DataSoft Products

DataSoft has made significant investment in product development by applying and integrating off-the-shelf hardware and software, SBIR-based R&D, internal R&D, and corporate partnerships, creating solutions that reduce cost and improve time to market.

DataSoft products improve communications and operations through the effective application of wireless technologies, embedded software, and cyber defense. Customers benefit from using our products to enhance their radio communications, network security, waveform development, API verification, SCA-compliance, test automation, and the development, test, and operation of broadband wireless communications systems.

Products and Technology:

SideBridge Wireless Connection Module
Secure wireless connectivity to a Bluetooth enabled device
SideBridge Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Connection module
Tactical Android Apps
A set of Android applications for Warfighter situational awareness  
On-the-Move Tactical Android Applications
Thunder SDR Development System
Affordable, wide-band, high performance, reconfigurable radio development platform  
Thunder SDR System for application and waveform development
AID: Automatic Injury Detection
Wireless communication solutions for sensor status notification  
AID: Automatic Injury Detection