SBIR Projects

DataSoft is a technology innovation company that offers products, prototypes, and engineering design services for advanced communications systems.

We make significant investments in SBIR projects and internal R&D and have developed embedded software applications, cyber protection software, a suite of radio and network test tools, and platform hardware, all based on innovations developed through SBIRs.

Year SBIR # SBIR Title SBIR Status
2017 A16-070 The Internet of Things for Body Area Networks In Phase II
2016 AF103-085 Extension to AF103-085: Agile Space Radio (ASR), SideBridge-Iridium for Rifleman Radio Phase II Complete
2014 AF071-072 Extension to AF071-072: Secure Wireless Tactical Radio Access Point Phase II Complete
2013 AF071-072 Extension to AF071-072: Tactical Android Apps for the Rifleman Radio Phase II.5 Complete
2012 A12-047 Resources Management in Peer-to-Peer Mobile Ad Hoc Network Communications Environments Phase II Complete
2011 N111-085 Real-Time RF Channel Impairment Emulator Phase I Complete
2010 AF103-085 Agile Space Radio (ASR) Phase I Complete
2010 N102-187 Spectrum Fragmentation of Networking Waveforms with Distributed Network Control Phase I Complete
2010 A10-014 Spoofing Network Architectures in Response to Hostile Reconnaissance Phase II Complete
2009 N093-227 Automated Analysis and Verification of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) Phase II.5 Complete
2009 N093-225 Cross-layer Queue Management and Queue-status Messages for Wireless Tactical Networks Phase I Complete
2009 N093-219 Network Operations (NetOps) Data Transport Optimization Engine Phase I Complete
2009 AF093-035 High Speed Digital Video on Legacy Aircraft Wiring Phase I Complete
2009 A09-060 Virtual RF Environment Phase II Complete
2009 N091-075 High Power Hopping Filter for SINCGARS Phase I Complete
2009 N08-225 Wideband Networking Waveform (WNW) Enhancement Phase I Complete
2008 N08-224 Universal Radio Frequency (RF) Communications Transceiver Phase II Complete
2008 A08-108 Software Defined Radio Tool Suite Phase II Complete
2008 N08-091 Middleware Specification for Low-Power Distributed Processing Devices Combined w/ N08 087 for Phase II
2008 N08-087 Next-Generation Mobile Software Defined Radio Phase II Complete
2007 A07-087 Innovative Electronics Components & Circuit Designs for UHF RF Diplexer Phase I Complete
2007 AF071-072 End-to-End Performance Management for RF Networks Phase II Complete
2006 N06-113 Broadband Solid-State LINC Power Amplifier Phase I Complete
2006 AF06-317 Automated Analysis of Datalink Transmissions (AADT) Phase II Complete
2005 AF05-312 Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Wideband Network Waveform (WNW) Host Simulator (WHS) Phase II Complete