IS-Wireless and DataSoft Announce Partnership

IS-Wireless and DataSoft Partnership

Tempe-based DataSoft Corporation and IS-Wireless, a 4G LTE software and IP provided based in Poland announce a new partnership. DataSoft brings on board its Thunder SDR Development System to become a hardware platform for prototyping and operation of LTE STACKS from IS-Wireless. At the same time both companies become mutual re-sellers and support each other’s marketing actions.

“IS-Wireless has been collaborating with DataSoft for some time already and this announcement just makes it public. IS-Wireless is using DataSoft’s Thunder SDR as a hardware platform for its LTE STACKS to form a very powerful, yet flexible SDR development system for all customers willing to implement LTE/LTE-A modems in their devices.”, says Dr. Slawomir Pietrzyk, CEO of IS-Wireless.


LTE STACKS are advanced software libraries realizing functions of L2 and L3 protocols.  They are written in ANSI C according to the latest 3GPP E-UTRA Rel. 10 with backward compatibility with Rel. 8 and 9. LTE STACKS are key software elements of 4G modems for LTE/LTE-A mobile terminals (smartphones, tablets, USB dongles, laptops, etc.) and small cell base stations (femto-, pico-, micro-cells). Target group of customers include silicon vendors, ODMs, OEMs, integrators and research institutions. For information about IS-Wireless and their technology, visit

About DataSoft:

DataSoft designs and prototypes board and system level hardware and software components for wireless communications involving Software Defined Radios, Bluetooth, and WiFi. DataSoft has designed a number of customizable products that can be tailored to a particular customer's use without incurring the cost and time of develop-from-scratch. These products can be purchased or licensed for use in tactical communications, academic R&D, waveform development, industrial automation, and telecom products. DataSoft is a globally-oriented company with strong international sales potential.