Automatic Injury Detection (AID) Featured on Television News

Christiansburg, VA – February 1, 2017 – Today the Montgomery County (VA) Sheriff’s Department along with Select Engineering and DataSoft demonstrated AID, the Automatic Injury Detection system, to the media, regional law enforcement and other guests. Montgomery County Sheriff Hank Partin is using AID to help protect the lives of his personnel.

AID sends an immediate emergency alert when the sensor panel has been pierced by a bullet, knife or shrapnel. The AID system detects the piercing event and sends the emergency alert to a phone and portable radio system. The law enforcement officer places the AID film panels in the front and back of the body armor carrier. When shot or stabbed, the officer often needs to fight, flee or may be incapacitated such that they are unable to immediately call for help. AID improves the speed at which they can get medical attention and backup help for the attack.

The attendees at the media day event were able to witness an AID system being shot over streaming video and they immediately receive the emergency alert on their phone. The emergency alert included the name and personal information, injury zone and a link to the location of the incident. Three television stations filmed and reported on the event. The links for the television news clips are below.

WFXR 27, FOX affiliate: link

WSLS 10, NBC affiliate: link

WDBJ 7, CBS affiliate: link

The Roanoke Times featured an article on the event as well: link

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