DataSoft Debuts Automatic Injury Detection (AID) System to Military and Law Enforcement

Tempe, Arizona – October 29, 2015 – DataSoft along with Select Engineering debuted AID, the Automatic Injury Detection system, at various venues during October. AID helps in saving lives by sending an immediate emergency alert when the sensing panel has been pierced by a bullet, knife or shrapnel. The AID system detects the piercing event and sends the emergency alert to a phone, radio or other communication system. The law enforcement officer or warfighter places the AID film panels in the front and back of the body armor carrier. When shot or stabbed, the officer or warfighter often needs to fight, flee or may be incapacitated such that they are unable to immediately call for help. AID improves the speed at which they can get medical attention and backup help for the attack.

DataSoft and prime product partner, Select Engineering, demonstrated AID at the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments (AEWE) 2016 live fire event at the beginning of October. Soldiers shot the panel with a 9mm and an M4 rifle at Fort Benning, Georgia. AID sent the emergency alert to the Nett Warrior End-User-Device (Samsung Galaxy S5); a MAYDAY was automatically generated with the soldier information and location, and sent across the military radio network (PRC-154 Rifleman Radios). The MAYDAY message was received within seconds on all radios within the network. Soldiers also ran exercises that demonstrated the ruggedness of the AID system. See the images posted by AEWE at:

AID was successfully demonstrated at the United States Park Police headquarters in Washington D.C. Several agencies were on hand to witness the effectiveness and immediate receipt of the emergency alert following a shooting and knife penetration demonstration.

The AID system was very well received at other October events including the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Exposition in Chicago, IL and at the Military Communications event (MILCOM) in Tampa, FL.

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