Automatic Injury Detection (AID) Deployed with South Texas Law Enforcement

Tempe, Arizona – March 23, 2018 – Automatic Injury Detection (AID), a wearable sensor technology designed to help save lives, was deployed at multiple law enforcement departments in South Texas this week. The departments included the City of Rockport Police, Corpus Christi Independent School District (ISD) Police, and the City of Rio Grande City Police.

AID sensors were inserted into each protective vest and connected via Bluetooth to the officer’s smartphone. If the AID sensor is pierced by a bullet, blade or shrapnel, the smartphone will automatically send an emergency alert as SMS text messages to other officers and will make an automated call to dispatch so that they can listen in at the scene.

The emergency alert includes the officer’s name, any personal information such as blood type and allergies, the injury zone (upper/lower, front or back) and a GPS link the location of the attack. The automation, speed and accuracy of this critical information helps ensure that the officer under attack gets help as quickly as possible.

The Corpus Christi ISD Police were the first school-based police department to adopt the technology. The local TV news stations covered the delivery of the AID systems – their reports can be viewed through the following links:

KRIS 6, NBC affiliate: link

KIII 3, ABC affiliate: link

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