DataSoft Announces SideBridge System On Module (SOM)

SideBridge SOM (shown on top) connected to a carrier board stack for M2M and IoT applications
SideBridge SOM (shown on top) connected to a carrier board stack for M2M and IoT applications

Tempe-based DataSoft Corporation, on Thursday, August 13, 2015, announced the Sidebridge SOM

August 13, 2015 3:00 PM MST

DataSoft introduces the SideBridge SOM, an ultra-compact module for connectivity and processing applications within the machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) markets. The versatility of connections and dual core processing capability make SideBridge SOM and ideal solution for bridging and routing of IP-based communications. SideBridge SOM can be stacked on DataSoft carrier boards that provide Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless communication, GPS, LAN, USB, and a display interface.

Occupying only 2 square inches, the SideBridge SOM is based on the Vybrid VF6 microprocessor, microcontroller and 256 MB each of SDRAM and Flash memory. The SOM includes two 100-pin connectors that support Ethernet, USB, CAN, serial, audio, display, GPIO and other connections. A variety of security features safeguard sensitive data and communications.

It is easy to customize the SideBridge SOM with the Yocto Project-base board support package and the available DataSoft development platform. The SideBridge SOM was showcased at the 2015 Freescale Technology Forum in Austin, Texas. The module and optional carrier boards are made in the USA. For more information, please see or contact

About DataSoft:

DataSoft specializes in low-power, small form-factor wireless solutions involving SDRs, IoT devices, Situation Awareness apps, MANET management software, and IP-based networking. Our technology portfolio includes programmable RF designs, tactical radio accessories, software libraries, Information Security expertise, and rapid prototyping capability. We design, manufacture, integrate, and support real-time embedded solutions for defense, commercial, and industrial communications. For additional information, visit


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