DataSoft Develops a SideBridge LCD display for the Rifleman Radio

The SideBridge LCD module reads and displays configuration data when connected to a Rifleman Radio
SideBridge LCD module connected to a Rifleman PRC-154/A tactical radio, reading and displaying configuration data

Tempe-based DataSoft Corporation, on Friday, April 10, 2015, announced the development of a SideBridge LCD display for the Rifleman Radio

April 19, 2015 8:00 AM MST

Today, DataSoft has announced the development of an LCD version of the SideBridge wireless communication module. When connected to the Rifleman Radio (PRC-154/A), SideBridge reads and displays radio status and configuration data such as the preset number, number of network nodes, battery level, GPS position, and volume level. The SideBridge LCD display eliminates the need to press a key or combination of keys to get the audible responses from the Rifleman Radio. All of the critical radio communication information is displayed on a 2.4 inch color touchscreen with adjustable brightness.

SideBridge LCD connects directly to the side-connector on the Rifleman radio and provides an optional, secure wireless and wired data connection to the radio. SideBridge provides a Personal Area Network (PAN) using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi that connects the radio to smartphones and other devices. The wireless connection eliminates the cumbersome tether and fragile device connectors. Up to 5 smartphones or other devices can connect to a single radio through SideBridge making it ideal for sharing data among team members. The rugged module includes a military-grade connector for a wired USB and power connection.

“We are pleased that we can contribute to the convenience and communication capabilities of the Rifleman Radio,” said Vik Patel, CEO at DataSoft. “The many thousands of fielded radios can be easily enhanced through use of the SideBridge LCD module”.

SideBridge is available in various configurations and capabilities. A variety of tactical radios are supported including PRC-152A and PRC-117G. SideBridge also connects to active sensor devices including an injury detection panel that automatically calls for help. For more information, please see or contact

About DataSoft:

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