DataSoft Delivers SideBridge-Sensor Modules for Wireless Connection to CBRN Data

Tempe, Arizona – April 30, 2018 – Today, DataSoft delivered SideBridge-Sensor modules to the U.S. Army per their solicitation number W911SR-18-R-WLSS. The SideBridge-Sensor modules provide the wireless communication needed to remotely view the data from the Army’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) defense sensors.

An unattended SideBridge-Sensor is connected to the CBRN sensor(s) in the field and it transmits the data to a SideBridge-Sensor host module so that operators can review the data from a remote site without the risk of being exposed to CBRN attacks. The SideBridge-Sensor uses Wi-Fi and Iridium (legacy and NEXT) satellite services for the wireless data transmission, a GPS receiver for location, and an internal battery to support 24-hour operation. A single SideBridge-Sensor host can receive data from up to 5 SideBridge-Sensor/CBRN sites located anywhere on the earth.

The SideBridge-Sensor takes advantage of DataSoft’s SideBridge technology and a Linux operating environment for hosting apps and for remote management. It can be used to connect any type of remote device and includes wired connections through USB and Ethernet ports. All of the SideBridge-Sensor capabilities are housed in a rugged, weatherproof housing that measures less than 6x6x6 inches.

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