New SideBridge Radio Access Point for the PRC-117G Radio Launched by DataSoft

Tempe, Ariz., November 5, 2019 – DataSoft launched and completed the first delivery of a new SideBridge Radio Access Point (RAP) module that fits directly to the red side connector of the PRC117G Radio. The new SideBridge-RAP provides simplified wired connectivity to the radio in place of the Bluetooth/WiFi connection available in other SideBridge models. The wired connections include Ethernet, serial, and USB connections to the radio. With SideBridge-RAP, the user can make a single connection between the PRC-117G and a network switch to easily access the radio’s various interfaces. The RAP eliminates the need for multiple extra cable connections and devices for communication and configuration of the radio.

The SideBridge-RAP is an ideal complement to the PRC-117G for vehicle and aircraft communications. Users can securely connect over the network interface for all types of data transmission with the radio. The RAP module is a slim, rugged, metal enclosure with status LED and waterproof, external Ethernet and USB connectors.

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