AID: Automatic Injury Detection

The Automatic Injury Detection (AID) system provides help in seconds when the sensing panel has been pierced by a bullet, knife or shrapnel. The AID panel sends an automated emergency alert to a phone, radio or via other communication system. The automated and instant emergency alert helps save lives. Once hit, an officer or warfighter often needs to fight, flee or becomes incapacitated such that they are unable to get help immediately. AID improves the ability and speed at which they can get medical attention and/or backup help in the fight against the attacker.

AID: Automatic Injury Detection Network



How does it work?

The AID panel consists of a thin film with an encased conductive ink trace that covers the area of the film. When that conductive trace is broken by a sharp edge or bullet (down to 22 caliber bullet), AID detects the event and automatically sends an emergency alert over Bluetooth (or other communication method) to a phone or radio that can forward the notification through the communication infrastructure to emergency services, backup personnel, and/or dispatch/command. The panel can be worn in the front and back – typically in the body armor carrier, in front of the ballistic panel. Each panel has two separate zones so that the system can detect injuries to the upper front, lower front, upper back or lower back.

DataSoft has an exlusive partnership with Select Engineering – the inventor of the AID panel. Please see for more information.

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2018 'ASTORS' Homeland Security Award for Best Personal / Protective Equipment Product

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