Cyber Security in the News

2/4/15:  Today DataSoft announced a software upgrade to the Nova Network Security System. The upgrade includes improvements to the software architecture that mitigate vulnerabilities, enables future online software upgrades, and provides immediate notification of hostile attacks. Other updates include an improved scanning capability to ensure the honeypot decoys closely mirror the real network assets and the ability to generate and upload a new TLS certificate.

Nova Network Security is a honeypot-based prevention and detection system that protects valuable data from internal and external cyberattacks. Nova thwarts the reconnaissance phase of a cyberattack by hiding real network assets, detecting the breach, and classifying and notifying the user of hostile behavior on the network. Nova is available on a plug-in appliance that is easily managed through a web interface and/or through a third-party SIEM. For more information please see or contact

8/31/2014:  Cyber-Security Threats Rise in Frequency, Complexity – eWeek article discussing top at-risk sites for cyber theft, with financial institutions topping the list. Software such as Nova adds an important layer in a cyber defense plan.  Read Article

10/1/2013:  5 Reasons Every Company Should Have A Honeypot - Dark Reading article highlighting the benefits of using a honeypot to deter attacks. Read Article

5/8/2013:  Honeypots Lure Industrial Hackers Into the Open - MIT Technology Review article describing dummy water-plant control systems attracting immediate attention from hackers - suggesting these types of attacks happen to real industrial systems, too. Read Article

4/26/2013:  Time to Set Up the Honeypot - A new report describing the use of active defense tools, like Nova, is key to detecting today's cyber threats. Read Article

4/22/2013:  Verizon Data Breach Report Released revealing 78% of intrusions are relatively easy and states energy used to release security patches needs equivalent resources to make the network security system stronger. Nova uses software agents to work as decoys to catch intruders before they do harm. Read Report

2/19/2013:  Nova was featured on the Hacker Hotshots Web Pod Cast February 19, 2013. Listen to Pod Cast

1/2/2013:  Washington Post article about firms salting their servers with fake data to thwart hackers - reflecting a growing sense in industry that companies need to be more aggressive in fighting off intruders as the costs of digital espionage soar. Nova can automatically generate fake-machines, configured to match the operating systems and services that are already on the network. Read Article

2013:  Accenture Technology Vision 2013 report on Active Defense. Nova is mentioned in a section entitled "Fooling enemies more of the time..". Read Report