Thunder SDR Waveform Development and Test System

The Thunder SDR System is an affordable, wide-band, high performance SDR platform from DataSoft. Thunder is a full duplex COTS solution that provides signal communications systems engineers and waveform developers with a fully-functional, reconfigurable radio development platform. The Thunder platform is offered in two distinct RF operating ranges:  400 MHz to 4000 MHz and 30 MHz to 1600 MHz. The direct conversion architecture provides continuous RF coverage over each operating range.

The platform includes a full-duplex RF transceiver system, a consolidated digital system, and a wide-band RF front end module, all operating in an open source Linux-based environment and enclosed in a 1U housing. A full software development kit with the newly released DataSoft Probe Toolbox, for waveform development and debug, is now available with all Thunder platforms.  

Thunder SDR Platform